Artist statement

Painting is a study of our existence, spirit, and environment,derived from experiences in life. I choose landscapes that evoke aesthetic experiences, create situations of atmospheric mystery, and bring visual interest through interaction. I’m intrigued by subtle shifts in value and color; yet seek a personal interpretation of the landscape rather than a replication. Personality is revealed through the process of painting. Abstract remnants from my process remain visible in the final product. The hand must obey the spirit.


              BFA University of Utah, paintingand drawing, 2006

selected exhibitions

             Julie Nester Gallery Glimpses of the unchanged        July 2014

             Western illinois University       Interiors                         March  2014

             The Louvre, Paris                      Salle Le Notre                       Dec 2013  

              KayoGallery                   Childhood memories             Oct 2012

              Bakersfield Museum of Art        Shifting                       Dec2011

              Dolby Chadwick Gallery             Solo Show                 June2010

              De Saisset Museum                 Landscapes                 June2010

              Finch Lane gallery                               interiors                       July 2009

Selected publications

              New American Paintings Dec 2011

              Studio Visit Magazine   May 2010

              The Artist Magazine “Sketchbooks”Feb 2010

              Salt Lake City Magazine “UpcomingArtists”  September 2006

              Art talk Magazine “Artist WorthWatching”  April 2004


              Dolby Chadwick Gallery, 210 Post Street, Suite 205  San Francisco CA, 94108

              Julie Nester Gallery,  1280 Iron HorseDrive  Park City, UT 84060

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